Microlearning delivers focused content to learners in small, very specific bursts, offering just the right amount of information necessary to help a learner achieve a specific, actionable objective. This makes microlearning in business contexts especially valuable.

Where other forms of training often happen outside of learners’ day-to-day contexts, or are longer, making it more difficult to apply knowledge to specific on-the-job objectives, microlearning allows learners to consume training and apply new knowledge and skills quickly. Learners are in control of what and when they learn and can access their microlearning on any device. This learner-driven nature increases engagement and improves training and job efficiency.

Microlearning events are short, (however there is no defined duration) and the learning is focused on a narrow topic, concept or idea. The content can be in the form of a presentation, activity, game, discussion, video, quiz, or any other format from which someone learns.



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Example of Microlearning developed by Higher Level Learning




Immediate Results: it enables a person to quickly close a small knowledge or skill gap

Diverse formats: it has the potential for using a very blended approach to instruction

Quick achievements: Because people can typically process around four bits of information at a time, it’s easier for a learner to achieve success

Just-in-time Learning: because it can be developed to be compatible with a wide variety of devices allow learners to use them when and where it’s most helpful, microlearning makes it possible for learners to gain new knowledge just in time to meet their immediate needs

Fast-paced culture: it is a solution for employees because it is not as disruptive as a day of training, for example